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Flying Information

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Airport Shuttle Service

If you are flying and staying in the dorms we can pick you up at the airport (for a nominal fee).  Our shuttle is typically scheduled:

Pickups From The Airport To The University

Drop-Offs From The University To The Airport

We need the following information from you by JUNE 1st:

You will fly into LOUISVILLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (SDF). It is only a short 10 minute drive from the University of Louisville campus. When you get to the airport, go to the baggage claim area (just follow the signs – it’s a small airport). Sometimes, we have someone in the airport looking for you — look for that person — BUT — WE DON’T ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE IN THE AIRPORT.

If you don’t see an airport greeter, don’t panic! – please do the following:

Walk outside through the sliding glass doors behind you. Travel the crosswalk to the far side where the taxis and hotel shuttles are. Look for a shuttle/van similar to the photo you see here. We may or may not have signage on the shuttle van that says JAMEY AEBERSOLD’S SUMMER JAZZ WORKSHOPS.

Just so you know you’re in the right place, the shuttle van driver will have a roster of everyone flying in – and they will know where to take you (depending on what time you arrive – you will likely be going to your dorm to check in first).

If the shuttle van isn’t waiting for you when you arrive, DON’T PANIC – I repeat … DON’T PANIC … there are frequent pick-ups all day (every 20-30 mins.)

As long as you’ve given us your flight information —

Don’t worry – we WILL be there, and we WILL be looking for you. We have a list of all participants who are using the shuttle and look to see if they are accounted for. If you do run into any SERIOUS problems, you can try calling the University at 502-852-0522. PLEASE BE PATIENT when waiting for the shuttles.

In the event that you have baggage problems (i.e. your bags do not arrive with you), please go to the claims office for your airline and fill out a claim. In most cases, your luggage will arrive on the next inbound flight and the airline will deliver your luggage. The address for delivery is:

University of Louisville – School of Music
105 W Brandeis Ave, Louisville, KY 40208

Telephone (School of Music) — 502-852-0522

You may also give YOUR cell phone number if you have one, and they will contact you with delivery information. Please do NOT give them ANY other phone number other than your OWN personal information.

Flying As An Unaccompanied Minor

Airlines have recently reinforced rules concerning the travel of persons under the age of 15. The following information is CRITICAL to the arrival of students at Louisville International Airport. Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY!

Unaccompanied Minor Status is a designation given by airlines to children who are flying without adult supervision. This designation, as we know it, is mandatory for persons 14 and under, and optional for persons 14-17 years of age. Individual airline policies vary, but all require, in advance, the name of the exact person picking up the person(s). This escort must go through security to accompany the person(s) to and from the gate. Additionally, at the time of departure, the escort may not leave the gate until the plane is in the air. Additional fees per flight leg is typical for this Unaccompanied Minor Status

** We MUST ask that you do NOT use this service. DO NOT choose an airline that REQUIRES it. **

While we are very concerned for safety, the staff of the Summer Jazz Workshops do NOT have the ability to personally escort or pickup 200+ people at their respective gates in the airport. We have over 400 people coming to our workshops with most ALL of them flying from ALL over the world.


Additional Information For Participants Under 18

If you have someone who is under 18 and will be flying, PLEASE encourage them to call home during their travel, especially with unexpected delays. If they do miss a flight and will be coming in later, you KNOW about it and can tell us when to expect them.

    Call with ANY questions!
    (10am-4pm Eastern Time M-F)

    2020 Workshop Dates

    Choose from 2 Weeks of Jazz:
    • July 5th thru July 10th
    • July 12th thru July 17th
    2-Day Workshops
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Anyone Can Improvise!” w/Jamey!
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    • July 11th & 12th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    NEW Mini-Workshops
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Jazz Piano Workshop
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Vocal Workshop
    • July 10th thru 12th
      Brazilian/Latin Jazz
    • July 17th thru 19th
      Big Band Workshop