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Thank You For The Greatest Jazz Camp Ever!

CalendarAugust 12, 2014
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What an amazing two weeks! Now that the dust has settled, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us for our Summer Jazz Workshops. Over the course of two weeks, we hosted an amazing experience that brought together musicians from all walks of life. Check out these facts:

Our excellent staff seemed to solve any problem and the outstanding faculty excelled in propelling jazz education onto the participants with confidence and ease.

Thanks again for a great year as we look ahead to 2015!


“From July 5th – 11th I was hearing, breathing, swinging & experiencing jazz as I never have before.  Thank you, Mr. Aebersold!!! You and your supportive colleagues gave me the time of my life at your jazz workshop.  I’ve gotten back to practicing piano and look forward to reaching some personal goals.”

“It is now one year that I see everything – not only in music but also in life – differently.  It is one year that I am in some way ‘someone else,’ another person, it is one year that my life is changed and this is much, much more than GREAT.”  The French Skydiver from France

“Hi all.  I had a super productive week.”

“Coming away from the session, I have enough to work on for years, but I’ve already told my boss that I want to make the workshop an annual event.”

“I’d just like to thank you for the amazing experience I had the last week at Jamey’s camp.  It really changed my life as a bass player!”

“I had a wonderful week.  I was very comfortable and felt important.  I was never left out.  I have never learned so much in one week.”

“After years of teachers and directors telling him to play his bass solos like a trumpet player, all he needed to see was how to transform a bass line into a solo.  Your explanation using arpeggios made complete sense to him…and he was able to solo like a pro.  In fact, the day before Mr. Sinicrope said his solo in practice was inspired.  When I asked him about this, he said it was the first time he could solo and not think about it.  It just happened.

As a parent of a kid who loves the bass, I thank you.  You did something no one else could do.  Give my son the confidence to solo.  It is greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much.”

“I really appreciate the opportunity to have the ability to interface with great professional players such as Jim Snidero and Eric Alexander.  The advanced theory class with Tom Walsh was excellent.  Tom came prepared and had excellent follow through.  He showed his true expertise as a professional educator.

My small group had Tyrone Wheeler and Jonathan Higgins.  It was truly a pleasure and honor to play music with these two gentlemen.”

To a combo instructor: “I will share you with my students and my peers…and you have changed me musically forever.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”

“This is the high point of my music education and my summer of 2014.  The food buffet at University Club was great!”

“Jamey…Thank you for an absolutely wonderful and inspiring week.  Though I consider myself a beginning jazz trumpeter (at best) I took great inspiration from last week and from your great trumpet staff.”

“I was in your class at Jamey Aebersold’s camp, last week, and still am running on the high from it.  I now have a clue about how to practice more efficiently, what to practice, how to study jazz harmonies/scales/motives and I’m now on a mission to keep learning.  I’ve not seriously “practiced” since grad school, decades ago, but I’m inspired by you and Jamey A and Todd and Chris…and all the fabulous faculty at the workshop to pursue practice for myself again.  What a life changing experience last week was for me.

“Thank you for inspiring me to want to further my playing and giving me the tools to do so.  I will be counting down the days to camp next year and hopefully will really grow in that time.  Thank You for everything.”  – aspiring bass player

“Great! Thank you for a great week”  As a classically trained musician, I learned a lot and realized how much more listening I need to do.  Looking forward to sharing info with my students in Bangkok.”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your tutelage during the recent jazz workshop.  I really appreciated your patience and found your talent and dedication truly inspiring.”

“The extensive playing and coaching made dramatic improvements in just a few days.  The instructors are all great … not just as players, but more importantly as teachers and as people.  You really have a great team that has a passion for what they do.  Your staff members are phenomenal.  Great people, very helpful, and will do anything for us.”

“Jamey’s done a fantastic job assembling many of the greatest living jazz musicians into one place, IMO.  The concerts are worth the price of the camp alone, but we get so much more.  What a completely amazing camp!  This is my 3rd year in a row and I’m getting more each time.”  Talk Bass forum member

“It was my first time in America.  Very good impression.  I am from Brazil and attended the jazz camp (first week) in July.  It was a fantastic experience.  Regarding music knowledge, the way that you (faculty) conduct combos, presentations, theory classes and master classes has drawn my attention so much.  It is in a generous way.”

“I am the person located in China.  I attended the weekend primer and the first week last week and had a great time.  Once again the faculty were very helpful and have provided months of learning material and tasks to work on.”

“Nothing could have been more satisfying than my experience with David Hazeltine during that week.  He was animated, engaged, really serious about getting the ‘grooves’ going with the rhythm section.  He was supportive while not being patronizing with the horns.  He really wanted the tunes to ‘swing’ and when they did, he really looked like he was enjoying them – which was great, considering he’d heard and played each of them thousands of times.  And he was personable and funny, not at all standoffish – a real joy to come to combo class twice a day.  Everyone made some giant strides and I think our performance was one of the best of the combos for that week…”

“I am the lady who signed up “by accident,” and I am pleased to tell you, again, how much I learned this week.  From the minute I received the red jazz book in the mail last February, my approach to my playing has changed for the better.  Coming to camp just further fueled the fire that’s burning inside me and my guitar.”

“I never realized the importance of just listening to the recording of famous drummers, and taking way what I can from their abilities.”

“UNBELIEVABLE faculty concerts and the most inspiring, enthusiastic, talented, high principled MC/leader in chief, the renowned Jamey Aebersold guiding the whole show.  The perfect recipe for an unforgettable jazz experience.  Thank you for an incredible experience.”  Melbourne, Australia


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