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2019 Jazz Workshops … Coda!

CalendarDecember 27, 2018
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Well, guess what? Last year around this time my health was failing fast. I had zero energy. After various tests, my doctor couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me. So, I announced that 2018 would be the last SJW camp. Then, we found out I had two blocked arteries and very quickly had a double bypass operation. Hooray for modern medicine! After recuperating I realized I really didn’t want to stop the jazz workshops. So, now I’m saying I will do one more in 2019 at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.

The dates will be similar to last year: June 30th- July 5th for the first week and then July 7th – July 12th for the second week long camp.

The rhythm section two-day workshops will be June 29 – 30 and then July 6 – 7.

I’ll do my usual two-day workshop on June 29th and 30th.

More information will soon be available on and in emails from Jason.

I look forward to seeing you for the Jazz Camp CODA.

– Jamey Aebersold


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8 thoughts on “2019 Jazz Workshops … Coda!”

  1. Maestro Jamey, It made me extremely happy to hear that the workshop was going to take place again this year. I have been wanting to participate for a long time, but every year something always came up the stood in the way for me to attend. This time around I am making sure I am there. As soon as I received the notification of open registrations, I registered immediately. I am happy for your health and for your resolution to continue teaching to all of us through this program. Looking forward with great excitement to summer jazz Camp.

    Grateful for all that you do,

  2. Avatar Joseph Teachey says:

    Hi Jamey,

    I just signed up for your full workshop and look forward to learning from you and all the other wonderful students who will be on hand to expand their love of Jazz and their particular instrument. I am learning both piano and saxophone now that I am retired from the Marine Corps! I’ll plodding away at the basic so I can take my game to an all new level upon getting with you and the great faculty you have assembled. I wish you continued success with your recovery and thanks again!

  3. Avatar Bob Lipson says:

    I had a difficult time registering on line. There also was no information I could find on the cost of the various classes. Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks.

    1. If you have any more issues registering, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Here is the pricing info:

  4. Avatar Bobby Welch says:

    Where can I find the two day iternary.

    1. Here is the info for Jamey’s 2-day, and the info for the rhythm section weekend. The 2-day schedules can be found here, and the week-long schedules can be found here. I hope this helps!

  5. Avatar CJ O'Lenick says:

    Hello, I am sure you are busy with the 2019 camps but do you know yet if there will be a 2020 camp? I ask, because I have to start saving now in order to pay for next year. Please let me know and how I can keep up with workshop news over the next few months. Thank you!


    1. We don’t know yet about 2020, but should have information soon. Keep in touch with us and I’ll keep your email address for our mailing list. Hope to see you in the future!

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