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Under 18 Notice

To Parents Of Participants Under 18:


It is NOT a typical summer camp where kids come to just goof off and “maybe” play a little jazz. We do take seriously the safety and comfort of all participants, but we are NOT set up to supervise younger participants like some other music camps with which you may have experience. We DO have several staff members we consider “dorm parents”, so if your child does have a problem, they will be instructed to go to them or other staff and faculty members. Please note: there are LOTS of adults around to help out in a crisis. We have more than 60 adult faculty PLUS 15 more staff, BUT … in general, students must be TOTALLY responsible for themselves, so things like …

…will NOT be tolerated.

We are neither able nor interested in “babysitting” young people who are not yet ready to handle the genuine responsibility of being on their own.

PLEASE: If you don’t know that your child is ready, please DO NOT SIGN THEM UP.

If it is brought to our attention that your child or ward is not able to behave in a respectful, responsible, and courteous manner, or that they are not attending classes or rehearsals, we will call you and send them home immediately without refund or hesitation. We reserve the right in all cases to serve as “judge and jury” concerning inappropriate conduct by minors, and we accept absolutely no responsibility for any behaviors in which they may engage that is destructive or endangers themselves or others.

We have sent people home from our workshops. Please understand our policies BEFORE you register.

It is required that all parents of minors (participants 17 years of age and under) accept the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop Code of Conduct Participation Agreement. This agreement must be signed by both the minor and legal guardian. Your signatures ensure us that everyone understands fully what is expected. This form will be sent to you AFTER you register via electronic e-signature.


If your student is commuting to/from campus or staying with his/her parent/guardian while attending the Summer Jazz Workshops, a release form may be signed that will exclude the student from participating in our required check-in as outlined in our Code of Conduct Agreement. These waivers must be signed IN PERSON at the SUMMER JAZZ WORKSHOPS by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Should you wish to release your student from the supervision of the Summer Jazz Workshop, please inquire with us at the main desk in the lobby of the School of Music during registration.

Other Important Information

Phone Calls
If you want to speak to your student while they are at the Workshops (perhaps to know for sure that they made it okay, etc.), then have them call you. No incoming calls will be accepted. If there is a critical emergency at home, please call the appropriate numbers and we will, as soon as possible, pass the message on to your child to call home. **This is where it is critical that your child attend ALL classes and concerts. If there is an emergency at home, we will know where to locate them quickly.

Dorm Assignments
Unless we receive a specific dorm roommate request from you in writing before June 1st, we will pair your child with a roommate. Dorm room assignments will be based first on sex, then age, and then the instrument. So, a 17-year-old sax player will most likely be rooming with another 17-year-old who will, when possible, be a sax player.

Absolutely NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL will be allowed at the Workshops or on campus. Any person breaking this rule will be immediately DISMISSED WITHOUT REFUND. All University and city laws will be enforced.

The ENTIRE campus at the University of Louisville is NON-SMOKING including all dorms, buildings, and classrooms. You cannot smoke ANYWHERE on campus including OUTDOORS … If you are smoker and would like to quit, please request the “QUIT EASY” book, a proven aid to smoking cessation and FREE OF CHARGE! We will mail also mail it to you for FREE or you can download it HERE.

Questions? Concerns? Special Circumstances?
You will find the answer to most questions here on the site, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we will be happy to help – just ask!

    Call with ANY questions!
    (10am-4pm Eastern Time M-F)

    2020 Workshop Dates

    Choose from 2 Weeks of Jazz:
    • July 5th thru July 10th
    • July 12th thru July 17th
    2-Day Workshops
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Anyone Can Improvise!” w/Jamey!
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    • July 11th & 12th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    NEW Mini-Workshops
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Jazz Piano Workshop
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Vocal Workshop
    • July 10th thru 12th
      Brazilian/Latin Jazz
    • July 17th thru 19th
      Big Band Workshop