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One Final Note

CalendarFebruary 1, 2018
Comments15 Comments
Jamey Aebersold - One Final Note

If you haven’t heard what has been transpiring across social media and jazz conversations everywhere, the rumors have been confirmed. 2018, THIS SUMMER, will be Jamey’s final presentation of his world-famous Summer Jazz Workshops.

If you have never been to the workshops, now’s the time! Join us as we send Jamey Aebersold off into the sunset and help celebrate the importance of jazz education, in particular, these workshops that have helped so many aspiring jazz musicians and educators for over 50 years. These workshops have literally changed the lives of so many individuals and gave the world a deeper appreciation of jazz.

When Jamey took over the workshops more than 40 years ago from then director, Ken Morris, he transformed what was once a big band oriented camp into the combo workshops we know and love today. Jamey created an environment that has been unparalleled in the teaching of jazz and improvisation. The workshops are a place where you can overcome your fears, be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and live and breathe America’s art form.

For many of us, these workshops have grown to mean more than just a couple of weeks away from home. For some of us, it’s a way of life. Understanding what jazz is and what jazz means and music’s unmatched ability to become engrained in the hearts of people is more powerful than simply blowing a horn or banging a drum. Music is in all of us and the creativity today is the musical future of tomorrow.

What lies beyond the horizon? Only time will tell. Keep improvising … and we’ll see you this summer.

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15 thoughts on “One Final Note”

  1. Allen Bornstein says:

    The world of Jazz Music will not be the same without the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops.

  2. Jacques Rossat says:

    Alas, unable to attend this last Jamey-led workshop for date collision reason, just to testify that the 3 times I enrolled were a fascinating immersion into the best jazz can offer.

    Particularly heart-warming is the mix between, at least, 3 generations of enthusiastic players. And let’s not forget the 2 faculty concerts a day, worth the best of any jazz festival anywhere.

    Jamey, thanks and keep on swinging.

    Jacques Rossat – Switzerland

  3. Dr. James Sawyer says:

    I attended Jamey’s camp with my high school students on three separate occasions, including twice with my son who is now a professional drummer. It was such an inspiring experience for me, especially the camp where I was mentored by Prof. Rufus Reid. The camp gave me tools to use with my high school and middle school students and made a life-changing impact on my son. Jamey, I will miss your wonderful banjo playing and the way you have made a difference in the lives of so many young (and seasoned) musicians. God Bless You and keep swinging!
    Doc Sawyer

  4. I always enjoy coming down for the faculty concerts. The best in the world all having a great time creating the only American form of music; and that’s jazz!

  5. Catherine Morton Ward says:

    What on earth will I do next summer without the amazing faculty concerts?!?!?! Having a 2-week stay-at-home jazz vacation has been the highlight of my summers.
    Thank you, Jamey, for giving those of us who live in Louisville and who love jazz the opportunity to hear the world class musicians you bring to us each year.

  6. William Gowers says:

    I attended Jamie’s camp several years ago, purchased several of his play-along records and never missed a chance to hear him perform. He has been an inspiration for most of my life. I recently celebrated my 70th birthday and still play alto to this day. Thanks Jamie for all you have done for me and millions of people.

  7. Joe Jackson says:

    Saddened to see this great tradition ending. But grateful for the profound impact it (and JA in general) has had on me & jazz/commercial performance over the last 5 decades.

    I attended a couple of JA workshops in the early 1980s. Much of what I learned there metastized improvisation for me, and have served as powerful cornerstones of my 40-year career as a full time commercial trombonist. Aspects of David Baker’s approach to harmony & improvisation are STILL with me, four decades later. And Jamey himself is an tremendous educator/mentor/motivator – he’s a “right kind of guy” kind of guy.

    Too much gratitude, really, to put in writing. All I can say is, a 40-year full-time career? Playing TROMBONE for God’s sake? “We have to have trombone on this gig,” said nobody, ever. Jamey deserves a lot of credit for giving me a lot of the tools I used to make myself relevant/versatile/valuable in this business. Thank you.

  8. Dan Grewe says:

    Along with all I’ve learned from my purchase of the Aebersold play-a-longs and the fantastic experience of a week at Jamey’s workshop, were life lessons about being able improvise, not putting limits on oneself and the need to QUIT SMOKING. All accomplishments of which I’m proud. Jazz, in all it’s forms, is strong & vibrant and I for one believe Jamey has had a hand it making it so.

  9. Miles says:

    I found this website, looked the opportunities over carefully, got super excited about registering to attend in Summer ’19…only to find this page that seems to indicate the program is ending for good?? Do I have that right – there will there be no summer jazz workshops at U of L next summer??

    1. Thanks for your interest in our workshops. While the decision was originally official, things are currently being discussed for a possibility of 2019. When we have information, we will post it. Stay tuned!

      1. Hello Jason,

        Is it possible to sing up to a mailing list to receive news related to the possibility of a camp next summer, on 2019?

        I hope it becomes a realty!

        1. Thanks for reaching out. I’ve put your email on the list and as soon as I have any information, I’ll make it available.

  10. Dave Reaves says:

    I would like express interest in attending a workshop or Camp.
    Hopefully you will keep me informed of future opportunities.

    1. Yes, we will! We should be posting some official information about the future soon.

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