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The Piano Mini-Workshop is STILL OPEN for Piano
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July 3 - 19, 2020

Combos • Theory • Master Classes • Jam Sessions

Enjoy 60 hours of combos, concerts, special clinics, jam sessions, 50+ faculty and hundreds of participants from all over the world!
Jamey Aebersold's Summer Jazz Workshops on YouTube
Jamey Aebersold's Summer Jazz Workshops on YouTube
Jamey Aebersold's Summer Jazz Workshops on YouTube
2020 Summer Jazz Workshops Registration Open

2020 Registration Is Open!

CalendarJanuary 8, 2020
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Here we go again! 

You can now register for the 2020 Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops at the University of Louisville!

Our Summer Jazz Workshops are for all ages … all abilities … and all instruments … including:

  • Adults of All Ages
  • Middle / High School Students
  • Retired & Ready to Jam!
  • College Students / College Prep
  • Hobbyists & Professionals

We have our usual world-famous week-long workshops along with our usual 2-day sessions. This year, however, we are adding some 3-day mini-workshops! Browse the 3-day menu to get information on all the latest happenings.

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We welcome all ages, abilities, and instruments!

Middle / High School Students • College Students / College Prep • Adults of All Ages• Hobbyists • Professionals • Retired & Ready to Jam!
All Ages
All Ages.
In 2018, the youngest participant was 11 and our oldest 88. There will be someone else your age. There is nothing to be afraid of!
All Abilities
All Abilities.
Everyone will have a placement audition upon arrival. We place everyone in groups with other musicians at their same level to get the best instruction.
All Instruments
All Instruments.
We welcome all instruments including vocalists. Additionally, we welcome accordion, recorder, harmonica, melodica, bassoon ... just about anything!

    Call with ANY questions!
    (10am-4pm Eastern Time M-F)

    2020 Workshop Dates

    Choose from 2 Weeks of Jazz:
    • July 5th thru July 10th
    • July 12th thru July 17th
    2-Day Workshops
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Anyone Can Improvise!” w/Jamey!
    • July 4th & 5th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    • July 11th & 12th
      “Guitar/Bass/Drum” Workshop
    NEW Mini-Workshops
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Jazz Piano Workshop
    • July 3rd thru 5th
      Vocal Workshop
    • July 10th thru 12th
      Brazilian/Latin Jazz
    • July 17th thru 19th
      Big Band Workshop